Andrew Holter, recently rejoined Nye & Company after being away for a decade.  Most recently he served as both an auctioneer and VP, Head of Department, of the American Furniture & Decorative Arts department at Christie’s, New York.  He started working at Christie’s in January 2009 and enjoyed many successes. Prior to joining Christie’s, Andrew took a short break from the art world to live in Maine and invest in real estate.  Before that, Mr. Holter was the director of business development and auctioneer at Dawson & Nye, one of New Jersey’s premiere regional auction houses. Prior to his time at Dawson & Nye, Mr. Holter served as the Assistant Vice President of the American Furniture and Decorative Arts department at Sotheby’s. He was actively involved in several landmark sales such as the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jeffords, the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Lammot DuPont Copeland, and Selections from Israel Sack, Inc.

Additionally, Andrew is a featured appraiser on the PBS television program, Antiques Roadshow.  He has appeared on the show for over a decade and can often be seen appraising furniture or folk art.

Mr. Holter is a graduate of Rutgers University, is the proud father of two sons, Tristan and Ashton. Together with his lovely wife, Danielle, they reside in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

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